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New technology in security checks – fewer manual checks needed

26.8.2015 at 07:00
Finavia Corporation will introduce new technology at its airports to improve the security check process and increase air traffic safety.

From the beginning of September, explosives trace detectors will be used in the security check process at Finavia airports to better detect objects and substances not to be carried aboard airplanes.

Initially, the devices will be used at Helsinki and Oulu Airports, followed by other airports at a later stage. Similar devices are already being used at major international airports.

The decision to introduce these devices is based on the European Commission's regulation on security checks at airports.

The devices do not have much impact on passengers. Passengers can prepare for their trips and act in the security check line as before the change. If required, security check employees will assist passengers at the airport.

The devices will be used to randomly check passengers and hand luggage. The devices also reduce the need for manual checks, which makes the security check process faster.

“After the introduction of these devices and new methods, the security check process runs more smoothly at airports. What is the most important is that passengers have prepared thoroughly for their trips and packed their luggage correctly,” says Juha-Pekka Pystynen, director of risk management at Finavia.

“Trafi is strongly involved in European cooperation to enable and promote the use of new technology in security check processes at airports. Using new technology, the security check process runs more smoothly. Explosives trace detectors are another step forward in technological development,” says Arja Pulliainen, Special Advisor at Trafi, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency.

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