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Photo gallery: A350 arrived at Helsinki Airport

8.10.2015 at 06:50
Finnair's awaited Airbus A350 landed to Helsinki Airport for the first time 7 October, 2015. Helsinki Airport is now the first European home airport for A350 aircraft.

Airbus A350 landed to runway 04R just over 6 PM. The plane was greeted with the traditional water salute seremony, after which it was parked to a jetway bridge for the first time at gate 31.

Tens of media representatives as well as airplane spotters were welcoming the new aircraft to Helsinki Airport.

At gate 31 Finavia's CEO Kari Savolainen, Airbus Executive VP for Europe Christopher Buckley and Finnair's CEO Pekka Vauramo welcomed guests to the first European home airport of A350 as well as to visit the plane.

According to Savolainen, Airbus A350 XWB operating at Helsinki Airport supports the airport's development as an international hub.

- It is estimated that the flight traffic between Asia and Europe is significantly increasing. The arrival of A350 is a great example of us developing the airport to the right direction. Although the terminal extension is only at its early stage, we are already ready to welcome new, big aircraft to Helsinki Airport, Savolainen says.

At the end of the event guests were welcomed to visit the A350 itself.

The arrival of A350 was followed in social media. See hashtags #helsinkiairport, #A350 and #A350Finnair for photos and conversations.

The most eager plane spotters arrived at Helsinki Airport scenic terrace well before the flight arrived.

Finavia and Finnair served A350-sodas for spotters while waiting for the plane.

Tens of media representatives were waiting for the landing of A350.

Finnair's Airbus A350 landed to its first European home airport 7 October at 6.05 PM.

The plane was greeted with a traditional water salute.

A350 is the largest Airbus model that has been parked into a jetway bridge at Helsinki Airport.

Finavia's CEO Kari Savolainen.

Airbus Executive VP for Europe Christopher Buckley.

Finnair's CEO Pekka Vauramo.

Guests were happy to visit the beautiful A350.


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