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Restaurant tips for those travelling with kids this autumn: children's meals at the airport

6.10.2015 at 08:00
Are you after something to take on the plane or snacks for the little ones? Most of Helsinki Airport's restaurants have children's menus.

The little ones have been taken into account in many ways at the airport. In Terminal 2, Cesar's Little Italy's popular lunch buffet offers many options for children at EUR 6.00. The pizza menu features many kid favourites, and pizza can also be ordered with toppings selected from the list.

Cafés and restaurants have high-chairs and there is enough space to take your pram to your table. You can also ask them to warm up baby food.

Cafés and restaurants with children's menus 

  • O'Learys (Gates 28–29, 2nd floor)
  • Fly Inn (Gate 27, 2nd floor) serves a crunchy whitefish with almond potato mash (EUR 10.50).
  • Seasons (Gate 14) offers a tasty cheeseburger and potato wedges (EUR 9), creamy salmon soup with organic rye bread (EUR 7.50), or home-made meatballs with potato mash (EUR 8.00). 

You can find a play area complete with toys in Seasons and Café Tori (Gates 26–27).  O´Learys also has games for kids. 

To eat during the flight

These places offer snacks to eat then and there, or to take with you on the aeroplane. 

Some of the options available are a house yoghurt (EUR 3.90), fresh fruit salad (EUR 3.90/5.20), or rye sandwich with cheese (EUR 5.90): 

  • Café Alvar A (Gate 24)
  • Café Tori (Gates 26–27)
  • Coffee Spoon (Terminal 2)
  • Fly Inn Deli (Gate 27)
  • Go! Café (Gate 20, Terminal 1)
  • Seasons Café (Gate 14) 

All children are welcome! 

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