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Riitta Tiuraniemi to chair the Board of Directors of Finavia

Article published
14.1.2015 at 08:18
Air traffic control tower.
Ms Riitta Tiuraniemi (52), Master of Science in Technology, has been appointed Chair of the Board of Directors of Finavia Corporation at an extraordinary general meeting on 14 January 2015.

From 1999 to 2013 Ms Tiuraniemi held several management positions at the telecommunications company DNA and for the recent years acted as CEO of the Group. Before that she worked with Omnitele, Tekes - the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, and Nokia.


Riitta Tiuraniemi

Currently, Ms Tiuraniemi is Chair of the Board of Directors of HealthOperator Oy, a company specialising in digital health technology that she founded in spring 2014.

Ms Tiuraniemi has also held several positions of trust in boards of directors of companies and organisations.

- I am very pleased that Ms Tiuraniemi will be chairing the Board of Directors of Finavia. She is an experienced and determined leader with a strong background in developing service business operations, says Finland's Minister of Transport and Local Government Paula Risikko.

- Finavia is one of the most important government service companies which provides airport, passenger and air navigation services that enable smooth air transport and at the same time ensure Finland's competitiveness. It is important to have an accomplished professional of service business in the board management, says Minister Risikko.

Ms Tiuraniemi says that she is excited to take on the challenging task at the Board.

- Our airport network is a gateway to Finland - for many people it is the first touch with our service culture. Our aim at Finavia is to serve our airport passengers, society, and the competitiveness of our business and industry in the best possible way. And Finavia has an excellent team to do that, Ms Tiuraniemi says.

Source: Ministry of Transport and Communications, press release 14.1.2015

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