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Salads on the go at the airport: lighter towards the summer

21.4.2015 at 06:00
Helsinki Airport's salad bars offer delicious salads to enjoy on the spot or to take away.

These days many want to make their meals quick but still healthy. This trend is the reason behind the new Eden pop-up salad bar to be opened in Cesar's Little Italy restaurant in Terminal 2 on April 21st.

The wide selection includes at least twenty different ingredients you can combine into a salad of your liking.

In addition to fresh seasonal vegetables, there are many kinds of fish, meat, and other sources of protein to choose from. Special dietary requirements are also catered to.

The Eden pop-up is open daily from 10 am to 8 pm, until 31 August 2015. The salads are EUR 1.90 for 100 g. 

HelsinkiMenu for foodies

Another great salad bar is available at Fly Inn Restaurant & Deli (Gate 27), where you can quickly put together a tasty salad to eat right away or take with you on the move.

A basic salad and two extra ingredients is EUR 12.90. The choice includes at least salmon, avocado, shrimp, chicken, various veggies, and the Finnish specialty bread cheese.  The deli opens at 11 am every day.

If you have more time on your hands, why not check out the HelsinkiMenu at the same place, emphasising local and seasonal produce. An association promoting Finnish food culture, Ruokatieto ry, rated the place as the third best in the entire city in February.

A menu composed of three courses (EUR  45) includes fish soup flavoured with smoked roach and whitefish roe, roasted pike-perch with a lobster garnish, and a slice of hot apple pie to finish the meal.

Come and enjoy food that is both tasty and healthy!