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Spoken by a child: 'How I would pack food gifts at Christmastime'

15.12.2015 at 07:00
If you travel somewhere this Christmas, wouldn't it be nice to bring some Finnish delicacies as gifts – but how should you pack them? Children tell us what they think and a safety expert comments on their plans.

'I would take at least some Christmas pies – three per person. I would pack them in my suitcase and then in a box, too, so they wouldn't break. And I could also wear a Santa's helper hat', says Julius Korhonen, 9 years old.

'Julius is right: all Christmas foods can safely be transported in the cargo hold. It is also very sensible to pack them properly, especially if they contain Jam, like the Finnish Christmas pies', comments Finavia's safety expert Jari Amnell.

All jams and preserves are considered liquids, and are therefore not allowed in your hand baggage.

100 ml is the maximum size for all containers used to transport liquids in hand baggage. They must fit in a single 1-litre transparent plastic bag. 

Check our handy search function to see which items you can carry in your hand baggage and which need to go to the cargo hold: 

How to pack traditional Christmas oven dishes

Oven casseroles are considered non-solid, spreadable products, which must be packed in a bag that will be sent to the cargo hold. The cargo hold is a good place for foods, as the temperature remains above zero.

'I wouldn't bring any swede casserole, but just gingerbreads and Christmas star pies. And then I'd also want to bring the Christmas tree and a star, and my mummy could carry them’, states 5-year-old Inkeri Pensala.

'You should check airline rules for the dimensions and weights of any items carried in the hand baggage. The best way to transport a Christmas tree is to pack it well and send it to the cargo hold', Amnell advises Inkeri.

Finnish Christmas pies contain such a small quantity of jam that they can be carried in hand baggage too. All sweets are also fine for hand baggage.

Safety rules allow you to carry ham in either your hand baggage or in the cargo hold, but some countries apply different import rules that may limit the import of animal products.

Buy food gifts easily at the airport

'I would pack lots of gingerbreads in my own small backpack, so that I could eat them during the flight. I also always carry a water bottle', plans Aaro Salminen, 3 years old.

You can buy a water bottle or fill your own in the terminal area. If you are concerned that some of the gifts are in danger of being eaten before arrival, then you can always buy food items as gifts at the airport.

Everything you buy at airport shops can be taken on board aeroplanes as hand baggage. Fine food shops carry a wide selection of Finnish delicacies, including Christmas specialties, of course.