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Strikes may affect travels of tens of thousands of passengers in May 19 & 20

15.5.2015 at 06:56
The Finnish Aviation Union and the Finnish Cabin Crew Union have proposed industrial action in air traffic for 19 – 20 May.

The anticipated effects of the industrial action may be exhibited to air passengers as delayed luggage deliveries, flight delays and flight cancellations. Finavia estimates that the industrial action may affect up to tens of thousands of passengers.

Airlines are currently making detailed plans in anticipation of the possible effects of the industrial action.

Ground forwarding companies targeted by the industrial action are doing their utmost to minimise the effects of the industrial action together with the airline operator Finavia in order to ensure that flights can be operated as normally as possible.

In case the Finnish Aviation Union and the Finnish Cabin Crew Union do not withdraw their industrial action and strikes in air traffic will take place on 19 and 20 May, passengers are asked to follow the information and instructions provided by the airlines and travel agents.

Finavia will communicate changes to air traffic during the possible strike

Up-to-date flight information may also be checked on Finavia's website. Finavia will also intensify its communications in the terminals and social media.

Finavia considers it regrettable that industrial action is taken to create uncertainty and harm to air passengers.