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Terminal extension brings new wings, Finnish wood and jet lag massage to Helsinki Airport

Press release
Article published
15.6.2015 at 10:22
Helsinki Airport is investing heavily into improving its facilities and services. Starting from the early 2016, its current terminal building will be extended. Already a significant hub for transfer passengers, Helsinki Airport’s innovative approach to service development can ensure its permanent position as a top-rated junction for international travel in terms of comfort, design, and amenities.

Helsinki Airport has already seen many changes under its large-scale development programme, launched in 2014. The biggest changes still lie ahead, as the extension of the airport’s terminal is set to begin early next year.

“Travel between Europe and Asia is expected to increase swiftly within the coming years. To strengthen Helsinki Airport’s position as one of the top junctions between Europe and Asia, we need to develop our services and operations even further”, says Kari Savolainen, CEO of Finavia.

The extension work will begin in the early 2016 by building an additional south wing to the airport’s non-Schengen gable. After completing the south wing during summer 2017, a brand new west wing will be built next to the south wing.

The number of jet ways will be doubled. This enables a more seamless and comfortable travel experience, as the need for bus transfers decreases. The capacity of the luggage facilities will be increased as well.

The terminal extension is expected to complete by summer 2020.

A smooth passenger experience flavored by Finnish design and nature

Although the terminal extension will bring nearly 50 per cent more floor space to Helsinki Airport, distances will be kept short and services easily attainable. Finnish design will continue to be a key component of the airport’s interior, particularly visible in material selections and service design.

“Helsinki Airport’s biggest strengths are short layover times, friendly staff, short distances and world-class services. We will strive to hold on to these as we expand and prepare to welcome even more traffic. Finnish feel is what is unique to us, and all the development work will be done with this in mind”, says airport director Ville Haapasaari from Finavia.

New elements of Finnish design have already been introduced to the airport in 2015. Renowned Finnish designer Stefan Lindfors redesigned one of the airport’s arrivals halls, bringing Finnish flora and fauna among the arriving passengers.

The new Arctic bar features a roofless outdoor terrace, open year-round for passengers to experience the Finnish weather whether it is snowing, sleeting or the sun is shining. Introducing a Finnish innovation, GoSleep pod, to its passengers Helsinki Airport became the first in Europe to introduce such service at an airport.

Along terminal extension, new services are being designed for Helsinki Airport. In addition to shops and cafes, the development programme will introduce even more experiential services and new digital services in order to smooth the journey.

In the future passengers can, for example, have the opportunity to order services such as freshly made coffee or jet lag massage, to their departure gates as they wait for boarding.

Getting ready for 20 million passengers

Terminal extension is part of Finavia’s extensive 900 million euro development programme, launched in the early 2014. As Helsinki Airport already is the leading transfer hub in Northern Europe, the development programme aims to strengthen that position and improve the passenger experience even further.

By active development work Helsinki Airport is preparing to serve 20 million yearly passengers by 2020.