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Travel documents in order

28.2.2015 at 07:00
Passport, toothbrush... Is that it? Find out well in advance what documents and cards are needed at your destination.

All countries and airlines accept passports as proofs of identity. Children need their own passports, too.

In some countries, a current identity card is sufficient for proving your identity. Nordic country citizens can use driving licences to prove their identity when travelling within the Nordic countries.

In Finland, passports and identity cards are issued by the police. You should check with the embassy of your destination country beforehand as to how long your passport should be valid after the end of your trip.

Some countries require a visa in addition to the passport. Contact the nearest consulate or embassy of the country for more information. They also issue any visas required.

Do you need an international driving permit?

Most countries accept a driving licence issued in the driver’s own country but some require an international driving permit. Car rental companies operating in the same country may have different driving licence requirements.

There are two international driving permit formats. Some countries accept both, whilst others only one of the two.

In Finland, international driving permits and related information can be requested at Autoliitto (ATCF).

Documents related to health issues

In Finland, Kela (Social Insurance Institution) issues European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) by request. They entitle the holder to state-provided health care in the EU and EEA countries, including Switzerland, for the same fees and conditions as local inhabitants of the country. The card is free of charge.

If you use a travel insurance card included in your travel insurance policy, hospitals and doctors belonging to the service network of the insurance company send their invoices directly to the insurer.

If you take prescription drugs, pack enough for the entire trip. Also bring your prescriptions and a list of the medicines you take, including their active ingredients, in English and signed by your doctor.

Other important health-related documents can include items such as, a pacemaker identification card or a diabetes card with the information in various languages.

And don’t forget...

In many countries a student card can get you discounts on travel tickets or attraction and concert tickets, for instance. Remember to carry it with you!

Passport control and customs regulations