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Treasure Days takes over Helsinki Airport March 5 - April 26!

Article published
9.3.2015 at 10:34
Treasure Days! -campaign decorations at Helsinki airport departure hall.
Passengers departing from or transferring via Helsinki Airport are encouraged to take time to spend at the airport. Treasure Days fills all the airport's shops, restaurants and cafes with irrisistible offers.

As many as 70 offers are provided at the airport during the campaign period. All commercial actors of the airport are taking part to Treasure Days.

During the campaign you can meet Treasure Days guides in terminal. They will tell you the best buys of the day as well as give away vouchers and sweet surprises.

Everyone into Finnish design should head towards the Treasure Draw, where gorgeous Marimekko prize will be raffled among participants. The prize will be delivered to the winner anywhere in the world. Taking part to the lottery is possible at the campaign web site and at Helsinki Airport opposite to the Marimekko shop.

Finavia has launched Treasure Days together with the commercial operators at the airport and ad agency Mirum.

See the offers and find unforgettable treasures!

Treasure Days campaign site:

Treasure Days on Facebook