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We compared airline rules: How much baggage are you allowed to take with you?

19.4.2015 at 06:00
Airlines and ticket types differ greatly in the quantity of baggage allowed for each passenger.

Baggage rules are somewhat different between airlines but, surprisingly enough, the greatest differences are based on ticket types.

Some tickets have no allowance for check-in baggage, whereas many airlines offer their regular customers on higher customer loyalty programme levels the opportunity to carry more bags.

Finnair has renewed their baggage pricing guidelines. The 'Light' category is for hand baggage only, but you may take a bag for an extra cost of EUR 10/bag per direction.

Depending on the ticket type, Economy class allows 1 to 2 bags of up to 23 kg each. The Business class allowance is 2 to 3 pieces of baggage. Bigger musical instruments, ski bags, or golf bags are considered a piece of baggage each. On European Economy class flights, an extra bag costs EUR 25/bag per direction.

Lufthansa's Economy class allowance is 1 to 2 bags of up to 23 kg each, and two for Business class. A piece of extra luggage on European flights costs EUR 75/bag per return flight. In addition to allowed baggage, you can bring a ski bag but need to let the airline know of this beforehand.

Norwegian's lowest-priced ticket type doesn't include any baggage, and on European flights a piece of baggage will cost you EUR 24 to 36 per direction.

'LowFare+' tickets have an allowance of one bag with a maximum weight of 20 kg. The more expensive classes of US and Thailand flights allow two pieces of baggage. Sports equipment and musical instruments are transported under special conditions, and extra weight comes to 11 EUR/kg per direction.

'Go' tickets by SAS permit one piece of baggage up to 23 kg, the 'Plus' ticket two pieces, and the 'Business' ticket two pieces of bags up to 32 kg each. Golf bags, ski equipment, and musical instruments are considered as one piece of baggage each. Extra items on European flights are EUR 51/piece per direction.

It pays to prepare beforehand top

The additional fee for extra bags is lower if you pay it before checking the bag in at the airport. The examples given above are prices paid beforehand online. No airline accepts single pieces of baggage that weigh over 32 kg.

It is important to check baggage rules before you leave, especially if the trip consists of several flights. If some of the flights are with different airlines, different rules could apply.

The hand baggage limit is 8 to 10 kg, depending on the airline and travel class, including any goods purchased at the airport. In addition to that, you can carry a small personal item such as a handbag.

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