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What to do, if your luggage arrived in a different baggage hall?

29.1.2015 at 15:42
Read the instructions of what you should do if you have accidentally gone to pick up your luggage from a different baggage claim hall than where it will arrive.

There are three baggage claim halls at Helsinki Airport: Exit 1 in terminal T1 and Exit 2A and Exit 2B in terminal T2. The halls can be identified by their colours: orange, red and blue.

When you arrive in the terminal after leaving the aircraft, the nearby monitors will inform you in which hall will arrive. The baggage claim halls have monitors as well, so that you can check where your luggage is located.

What do do if you discover that you are waiting for your luggage in the wrong baggage hall:

1. When you arrive in a baggage claim hall, check the monitor again to see where the luggage from your flight will arrive.

2. If your luggage has arrived at a different baggage hall than the one you are in, exit the lobby as usual through the customs lane and follow the airport signs to the correct lobby.

3. When you find the correct baggage claim hall, there is a phone next to the entrance. Press the button with your airline's logo and call your airline's representative.

4. The staff from the arrival services will pick you up and escort you to the correct baggage claim hall.

These instructions are also displayed in each baggage claim hall. The airport staff are also glad to help passengers in all situations.

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