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The 5 things you should pack for every trip

26.8.2016 at 06:00
Travel blogger Nella Himari is a master of packing light. However, there are some essentials she won’t travel without.

Marinella ”Nella” Himari is a passionate traveler known for her Finnish-language blog Kaukokaipuu (Wanderlust). Himari favors outdoor destinations of natural beauty and loves travelling in her home country, Finland.

Throughout the years, Himari has learned the value of packing light when traveling far. Every gram counts, especially when hiking or backpacking.

There are, however, some essentials that have proven to be worth carrying on pretty much any trip.

Here are Himari’s five favorites:

Resealable zipper storage bags

”A traveler is often at the mercy of weather, and the rain and cold can surprise you at a moment’s notice. Ziplock bags are handy because they keep your essential belongings – phone, wallet, camera – and necessary clothes dry. A 4-liter resealable zipper storage bag can fit a surprising amount of things, and the bags are also a good way to keep your backpack in order.”

A light but warm jacket

”I recommend bringing something dry and warm to wear on every trip. Even if I’m travelling south to a beach destination, I’ll still bring my lightweight windbreaker. It’s not heavy to carry, fits into a small space, like a zipper bag, and warms you up quickly whenever you need it to.”

An extra pair of shoes

”As you always end up walking a lot on trips, your feet will easily tire if you only wear one set of shoes. That’s why I always bring an extra pair. The extra shoes are also handy because you can pack easily breakable items, such as perfume bottles, in them.”

Portable battery charger

”A battery charger is a must for me. I hardly leave the house without it. With mine, you can charge your phone over three times, and it’s easy to carry in your backpack.”

Lip balm

”I’ve learned through experience to always bring along lip balm on hikes and other travels. In the sun and wind, your lips can chap easily, and that can be very uncomfortable.

An extra trick I’ve learned is to save the empty lip balm tube as it can serve as an extra travel cash stash. If you get robbed, you’ll be really glad to have hidden away a few bills in an inconspicuous place.”