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The 8 apps you need to download before your next trip

22.4.2016 at 06:00
To make it through the downtime of delays, the turmoil of terminals, and the inconvenience of botched itineraries, it pays to pack the right apps.

Proper planning spells the difference between a restful, worry-free holiday and a rushed, hellish trip. Fortunately, our smartphones and tablets hold the key to efficiency in the form of the apps loaded onto them. From trip planners and packing wizards, to crowd-sourced guides to hotels, restaurants and attractions around the world, there's bound to be an application for every travel-related issue you might have.

Here are some apps to help you worry less and enjoy more.

1. PackPoint (iOS and Android: Free)

The packing list builder helps serious travelers by providing a checklist of essentials that they need to take with them based on length of travel, weather at the destination, and any activities planned during the trip.

2. Synchronize (iOS: Free)

Flying entails crossing time zones. The streamlined international clock lets you keep track of the time at your destination and back at home – and anywhere else in the world.

3. Flying (iOS: Free)

Keep track of all your flights with up