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Airpro brings new technology to Helsinki Airport: Aircraft to be moved using electricity

2.9.2016 at 11:44
The use of ground service equipment powered by electricity at Helsinki Airport increases as Airpro, a provider of ground handling and passenger services, starts using the world’s first electric pushback tractors.

In total, it has five new pushback tractors to move aircraft on the apron. Four of the pushbacks are fully electric and the fifth and the latest model is a hybrid tractor which is powered by electricity and, when necessary, uses diesel to charge its batteries.

“Faster power generation and higher total efficiency takes the cost efficiency of our new pushback tractors to a whole new level. Their operating and maintenance costs are significantly lower, as are their emission and noise levels and, therefore, the environmental impact of our ground services. In comparance to normal tractors these new electric and hybrid tractors have only 1/10 of the consumption and CO2 impact,” says Janne Hattula, Managing Director of Airpro.

The operating capabilities of the new pushback tractors are on a par with conventional pushback tractors, and they are able to move medium-haul aircraft – the hybrid can also move wide-bodied aircraft.

“For example, the wide-bodied Airbus A350, the latest aircraft type at Helsinki Airport, would be easy to push back, even at a full load,” Hattula says.

The new pushback tractors are Airpro’s pioneering solutions at Helsinki Airport, representing sustainable development solutions in air traffic services.

Airpro is a subsidiary of Finavia.

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Source: Airpro press release 2.9.2016