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Bombardier CS300 to Helsinki Airport 9 December - landing to runway 22L

9.12.2016 at 08:00
airBaltic is the first airline in the world to the new Bombardier CS300. The new plane can be spotted at Helsinki Airport for the first time on Friday 9 December. The plane will most likely land to the runway 22L.

About Bombardier CS300

Bombardier C is a series of two-engine narrow-body aircraft that include CS100 with 110 seats and the newer and bigger CS300 with maximum capacity of 160 passengers.

CS300 was certified in July 2016. In December 2016 airBaltic will be the first airline in the world to fly the new aircraft.

Aircraft in Bombardier C series are mostly composed of composite materials. CS300 has more overhead bin volume per passenger, bigger seats and windows and wider aisles than other narrow-body aircraft. These functions enhance travel convenience and compliment the narrow-body aircraft with the feel of a wide-body aircraft.

In addition, CS300 delivers reduced fuel burn, noise, and emissions, when compared to other narrow-body aircraft.

Bombardier CS300 in a nutshell:

  • Maximum capacity: 160 persons
  • Length: 38,7 m
  • Height: 11,5 m
  • Wingspan: 35,1 m
  • Maximum cruise speed: 871 km/h
  • Maximum operating altitude: 12,497 m
  • Engines: 2 kpl Pratt & Whitney PurePower® PW1500G


Bombardier is the world’s leading manufacturer of both planes and trains headquartered in Montréal, Canada.

airBaltic connects the Baltic region with 60 destinations in Europe, the Middle East and the CIS. Latvian airBaltic, flying under the id BT, operated between Helsinki and Riga daily.

Spot Bombardier CS300 at Helsinki Airport on Friday, 9 December

airBaltic is the first airline in the world to fly the new Bombardier CS300 aircraft. The aircraft flies its first Riga-Helsinki-Riga flight on Friday, 9 December. The estimated landing time to Helsinki Airport is 11:30 AM.

The landing will most likely be done to runway 22L, that is runway 1. The flight number is BT7007.

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(Image: airBaltic)

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