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An entertainment and media centre to be built next to Helsinki Airport

11.5.2016 at 14:00
In the next few years, a new entertainment and media centre in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area will rise next to Helsinki Airport. Aviapolis Studios will be home to live TV productions and public events.

The planning of the Aviapolis Studios project will start in 2016, and construction has been estimated to start in spring 2017. Consisting of 16,000 m2 of offices and 5,000 m2 of event areas, the centre has been planned to open during 2018.

The Helsinki Airport and Aviapolis station area has raised much attention recently. Its is important to Lentoasemakiinteistöt, a subsidiary of Finavia.

“Being the developer of the Aviapolis station area, we will turn it into a significant and modern district, which combines work, living and leisure time with excellent transport connections, both nationally and internationally. Aviapolis Studios excellently supplements our vision better work, better leisure time and more internationality,” says Antti Ala-Heikkilä, managing director of LAK, in the press release.

The airport area attracts companies

“Aviapolis Studios is an exceptional concept. It is a technically versatile venue, designed purely -for entertainment and events, where equipment providers, conference rooms and a modern office hub, offering synergies, are directly docked, and which offers agile and cost-efficient production capabilities, fulfilling today's requirements. There are not many cities in Europe where a centre of a similar magnitude can be built next to an airport,” says Mikko Leppilampi, chairman of the Board of Directors of Aviapolis Studios Oy.

According to Tapani Mäkinen, chairman of the Vantaa city executive board, Aviapolis Studios will add significant depth to the range of functions and events in the Aviapolis area by enabling various world-class events, meetings, seminars and international conferences. At the same time, the centre will raise the urban identity of Vantaa to a whole new level.

“Aviapolis will become an active airport town full of life around the clock, where events of different sizes are organised, clubs are full of live music and a scent of tandoori chicken is in the air,” says Mäkinen, describing his visions.

Source: Aviapolis Studios press release, 11 May 2016