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Finavia and Avinor to work more closely in air navigation services

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10.11.2016 at 07:15
Co operation between Finavia and Avinor, a provider of air navigation services in Norway, will adopt on 10 November. The objective of Finavia and Avinor is to enhance Air Navigation Services in their production of air navigation services in the Kirkenes terminal control area in the north.

This closer cooperation based on NEFAB agreements and EU objective is to improve the efficiency of European airspace and the need of the service providers to improve the quality of their operations and, therefore, to reduce costs.

“In Europe, significantly higher amounts of money are being spent annually on necessary air navigation services than in the USA where the number of flights is higher than in Europe. For the competitiveness of Europe, it is important that European air traffic network is effective. A more cost-effective air navigation system is reflected in lower ticket prices,” says Raine Luojus, senior vice president at Finavia.

According to the agreement signed by Finavia and Avinor, the Kirkenes terminal control area will be expanded to the Finnish airspace. At the same time, Avinor can offer air navigation services in the entire terminal control area. This new operating method improves the opportunities of both companies to offer cost-effective and high-quality air navigation services, also in areas with a low traffic volume.

This closer cooperation is based on the EU Single European Sky project which has obligated states to form functional airspace blocks, within which service providers need to work more closely together in order to improve quality and cost-effectiveness. North European Functional Airspace Block, NEFAB, also includes Estonia, Norway and Latvia. NEFAB is based on an agreement signed by these countries.

“By taking active part in international cooperation, we can improve our expertise and ability to succeed when the air navigation service opens up in the future. Those service providers that are able to change their practices will have a competitive edge and be able to maintain their position as attractive employers,” Luojus says.

Finavia is a pioneer in European air navigation services. It has been engaged in close cooperation in air navigation services with a number of different countries for several years and, in this way, it has developed its operations. Finland has already worked closely with Norway in the field of air navigation services in the past, as the two countries have exchanged civilian radar data, thus reducing the investment needs of companies offering air navigation services.

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