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Finavia and Cinia aim high through their partnership in application and cloud-based services

22.11.2016 at 07:00
The two companies have entered into an agreement on developing Aviatracker, a secure application that uses modern, cloud-based technology for working hours and competence management among air traffic controllers.

Cinia will provide the service to Finavia using its Lioncloud environment.

The Aviatracker service will be implemented in stages at Finavia, after which Finavia and Cinia will market the solution to other operators in Finland and abroad together.

“This solution can be flexibly used also in other companies and organisations where qualification management is critical, for example, for occupational safety or legislative reasons,” says Raine Luojus, SVP and Director of Air Navigation at Finavia.

“The architecture of this application service makes it highly scalable, and it can accommodate various client- or segment-specific extensions,” says Kimmo Alamartimo, Business Director at Cinia.

Cinia will provide the software as a service, including the development, the Lioncloud production environment, and continuous application maintenance services.

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