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Finnair will increase flights to Lapland next spring

6.9.2016 at 13:15
Finnair will offer more flights to Kittilä, Ivalo and Kuusamo during the spring ski season from 26 March to 2 May 2017.

The number of seats available during that period will increase by 15,000 from the previous year and there will be over 90 more flights. One of the reasons behind the change is that, this year, Easter will fall in mid-April, which will make the ski season longer in Lapland.

Finnair will operate 59 flights from Helsinki to Ivalo via Kittilä from 26 March to 2 May 2017. In addition to these, there will be non-stop flights from Helsinki to Kittilä, Ivalo and Kuusamo as follows:

  • There will be 16–20 non-stop flights to Kittilä on weeks 13–15, ten non-stop flights on week 16 and three on week 17.
  • There will be approximately ten non-stop flights to Ivalo on weeks 13–15 and six non-stop flights on week 16.
  • There will be 11 non-stop flights to Kuusamo on weeks 13–15, seven non-stop flights on week 16 and six on week 17.

The flight schedules will vary slightly between the weeks. Some of the flights mainly cater to Finnish travellers, while others offer smooth connections to passengers on Finnair’s European and Asian flights in Helsinki.

Finnair will also continue to operate flights from Tampere and Turku to Kittilä until 15 April 2017.

Information on the timetables and flight connections are available in our search service.

Source: Finnair press release, 6 September 2016