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In-flight survival kit essentials

20.12.2016 at 07:00
Though it doesn’t always seem or feel like it, flying can actually be effortless. To keep your onboard experience as pleasant as possible, take note of our survival kit tips that will assure you maximum levels of comfort when flying.

We’ve all had pre-flight concerns about what to do for the next X number of hours. What to listen to, what to watch or read? Are all my devices charged and ready to keep me occupied?

Sitting for hours on end requires a commitment to patience. Make those commitments more easily attainable by packing a compact and easily accessible survival kit that won’t need to be placed in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you throughout the flight. By taking note of these survival kit essentials, you will make flying much more comfortable.

Empathy and sociability

Remember to pack these two. How? By keeping in mind that there are people who work in the very restricted space you are travelling in. It’s the flight attendants’ job to look after your needs for the duration of your trip, so it’s probably a good idea to be on their good side. Make their job easier, and they just might make your time on board a bit more comfortable.

Waist bag

Also, known as a buffalo pouch, fanny pack, hip bag and butt pack, this ingenious accessory should not be forgotten. Rising to popularity in the 90s, the fanny pack is an easy piece of kit that will assure your essentials are with you at all times. Waist bag essentials include nuts, coconut water, hand sanitizer and a much as you can fit from the items below.


No traveler should be caught off guard about the fact that it might get chilly in the cabin. Especially on intercontinental flights, shoes do tend to come off, and in that case, a trusty pair of woolen or fleece socks – or compression socks for those who prefer them –will provide any passenger with the necessary warmth and comfort.

Noise-canceling earplugs

Headphones are almost a given in this day and age, and though many models claim to have noise-canceling qualities, there is a lot to be said for a pair of earplugs. These earplugs will facilitate a good read or nap, so make sure to grab a pair prior to takeoff and put the world on mute.

Something to read

Carrying on from the previous tip, remember to pack a book or a thick magazine. Sure you can always pick one up at the airport, but all of us have a subconscious back catalogue of I should read that books. A flight provides the perfect opportunity to dive into that list.


Make sure to charge your smartphone, tablet or whatever electronic companion you rely on. As many people tend to rely on streaming services to listen to music these days, do remember that by no means do all airlines have WiFi. In fact, a majority don’t. Therefore, the old drag-and-drop on iTunes or advance preparation of offline playlists shouldn’t be overlooked. The same applies for those intending to watch movies or series. Tip: pack a power bank for long-distance flights.

Inflatable travel pillow

A travel pillow is the perfect aid that makes falling asleep on a flight just that bit easier. The travel pillow market has never been as appealing as it is today, with products now boasting noise cancellation, air ventilation and heating features to sweat wicking fabrics. We are living amidst a travel pillow revolution.

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