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How to get your Christmas shopping done at Helsinki Airport

7.12.2016 at 07:00
Filled with close to 100 delightful suggestions, a new gift idea generator promises to help busy visitors find perfect holiday presents from the airport’s shops.

Shopping for holiday presents almost always follows a straightforward pattern. First you identify the recipient, then you look around for something that individual might possibly appreciate. Sometimes, however, thinking of gift options isn’t as easy as one would hope it to be. But what if you had some help?

To get everyone in the mood for Christmas, Helsinki Airport has created a gift idea generator to help visitors find the perfect gift from its shops. “We wanted to bring some excitement and surprise to passengers by bringing something ‘analogue’ to the airport instead of offering something purely digital,” says Noora Westerberg, Coordinator of Helsinki Airport Commercial Services at Finavia.

Filled with approximately 100 delightful suggestions, the gift machine takes care of one of the most common problems during this season – what to give a loved one, she continues. It will circle around the Helsinki Airport gate areas from December 1 to 23. Passengers can also check out gift ideas online from November 15.

Westerberg says that everyone at Helsinki Airport is Working For Santa in order to make passengers’ Christmas travelling as smooth and pleasant as possible. “We want our passengers to experience a warm and lovely Finnish Christmas spirit while traveling via Helsinki. Passengers might consider arriving early at the airport so that they have enough time to visit our shops and restaurants and enjoy the airport’s Christmas spirit instead of just rushing from one place to another.”

So whether you’re shopping for a significant other or a co-worker, or just treating yourself because you’ve been good this year, there’s bound to be something special waiting for you at Helsinki Airport. Here’s a few presents you can expect.

Makia beanie

What's better than a warm merino wool hat to keep your loved one warm during the beautiful, yet cold winter days? Not much. A hot chocolate might come close.

Available at:

ARG Airport Fashion, gate 14

ARG Airport Fashion, gate 29

Marimekko pillowcase

Classic Marimekko 50x50 cm-sized pillow cases come in red and white or black and white. Surprise a loved one with this famous Marimekko print.

Available at:

Marimekko, gate 34

Marimekko, gate 27

Lapponia knitted sweaters

Give your little one a knitted children's sweater with a Nordic style that's hard not to love.

Available at:

Finspiration, gate 26

Finspiration, gate 35

Loewe coin purse

This elegant, high-quality leather coin purse helps keep change in style.

Available at:

Boutique, gate 34

Iittala Ultima Thule

Designed by Tapio Wirkkala, these two 28 cl glasses turn any beverage into a treat.

Available at:

Iittala Store, gate 28

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