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Humans of Helsinki Airport: Joni Pekkanen

16.11.2016 at 07:00
According to supervisor Joni Pekkanen, the airport security check is first and foremost a social interaction.

“As the Security Services Supervisor I work to make sure the security check at Helsinki Airport runs smoothly and complies with standards. We strive to make Helsinki Airport the most comfortable, fluid and competent when it comes to airport security in Europe.

First and foremost, the airport security check is about social interaction. For many passengers, it’s their first face-to-face encounter at the airport. We feel that we have succeeded in doing our job if our customers feel safe when departing.

The single best encounter I remember is high-fiving John Travolta. He’s a great dude!

My colleagues are a source of inspiration. We have a fantastic team. Helsinki Airport is like a city in itself. It’s something that can’t be conveyed through words – you have to experience it for yourself.”

How to prepare for security control?

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