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Humans of Helsinki Airport: Julia Cantell

15.6.2016 at 06:00
Meet Julia in the fourth part of the Humans of Helsinki Airport series, she works at the World Duty Free Shops.

“I’ve worked at the World Duty Free shops at the airport for a bit under a year. I studied to be a cosmetologist, so I most prefer to sell cosmetics, make up and perfumes. Our days are busy and there’s always plenty to do. I enjoy the variety of working different shifts. Sometimes my days start as early as 4.30 am, sometimes they run past 11 pm.

You learn a lot about different people and cultures at work. For instance, Chinese customers tend to be very brand-conscious: often there is an “it” label that dominates sales. Finns, by contrast, have certain all-time favorites when it comes to cosmetics, and those tend to sell well. The best days at work are when I manage to offer the right advice and products to people; they leave happy and I also make good sales.”

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