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Humans of Helsinki Airport: Mikke and Sanna

8.3.2016 at 06:00
Our Humans of Helsinki Airport series kicks off with a young couple, spending their last moments together in the airport lounge, before one of them takes off.

”I’m sending Sanna off on a flight to Kuopio, in Eastern Finland. I’m a bit tired, because I’m not a morning person. We read somewhere that the airport would be crowded because of the ski holidays, but it’s really not. We came a bit too early. You always have to spend time waiting at the airport. Now there’s time to lounge around with Sanna and talk about anything and everything.

Mikke Kataikko, 25

“I’m going skiing with my Mum in Tahko skiing center. We’re just going to chill and ski: I’m from Ilomantsi, in Eastern Finland, but I live in the South now, in Vantaa. I don’t see my mother so often, so it’s nice to go together. Mikke and I met through my older brother, who he’s friends with. It remains to be seen, whether we’ll ever go on a trip together.

Sanna Riissanen, 19

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