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Leave the winter (coat) behind

14.3.2016 at 07:00
If you don't want to take your goose down jacket to Hawaii, our coat check service is here to help!

For passengers heading to warm-weather destinations from places with colder climes, the question of what to do with that bulky winter coat almost always comes up. Of course, those who drive to the airport can choose to leave their outerwear in the car: problem solved.

Most often, however, it’s not that simple. Usually those escaping the chill for balmier temperatures either opt to stow all those coats on jam-packed airplanes—making it more difficult for others to claim space in the overhead bins for carry-on bags—or politely ask the overworked flight attendant to stash their parkas somewhere. Some even keep it in their lap. But really, who wants to lug a goose down jacket all the way to Hawaii?

Fortunately, there’s a coat check service at Helsinki Airport for those who want to travel lighter — especially for those arriving by train. Airpro Travel Service 24h, located on the ground floor of Terminal 2, can store your outerwear while you’re away.

The clothing storage service starts at €30,00 a week for one jacket, with a €5,00 charge for each additional week. Group clothing storage rates are also available. More storage facilities can be found in Terminal 1.

The Airpro Travel 24h desk has been open since 2002. This coat check service, which has been around as long, has proven to be especially in demand during the winter months from October to March, according to Taru from Airpro, one of the friendly faces at the desk. The service is available year-round.

“Our winter clothing storage service is popular among Finnish travellers, while a greater number of international visitors make use of our luggage storage,” adds Taru.

Helsinki is well served by connections to Hong Kong, for instance, and Asian guests flying to or from there often prefer to check their suitcases and retrieve them after a brief tour of the Finnish capital, in time for the next leg of their journey.

As Airpro Travel 24h is a full service office, passengers can take advantage of other amenities such as assistance with hotel reservations, car rentals or travel insurance. The desk also serves as a drop off and pick up point for documents, packages and even apartment keys.

But the convenience has led certain passengers to leave items other than skis or dog kennels. “Someone checked reindeer hide one time, and after a day it gave off a strange smell,” shares Winter.

A coat check service may be simple and straightforward, but it does help make one’s trip a lot more comfortable. Consider it a very practical way to leave the winter behind.

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Storage facilities in Terminal 1

Storage facilities in Terminal 2

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