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Lufthansa to increase its Lapland coverage: double number of flights next winter!

Press release
Article published
30.3.2016 at 07:19
Lufthansa airplane at Kittilä airport.
The positive trend in connections to Lapland will continue by Lufthansa doubling the number of connections from Munich to Kittilä.

Lufthansa introduced weekly flights from Munich to Kittilä in December 2015. The company will also offer a second weekly connection in the next winter season. The flights will commence in December 2016 and will continue until March 2017.

“The increase in the number of flights proves that the Lapland tourism products reach the target group. We are happy about the new connections”, says director Joni Sundelin, SVP at Finavia.

In addition to Lufthansa, UK-based Monarch recently announced new Kittilä connections, and will also introduce connections to Kittilä from London and Manchester next winter. Germania also announced new connections: to Kittilä from Düsseldorf, and to Rovaniemi from Berlin.

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