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Match Made in HEL: Designer Arashi Yanagawa’s guide to Tokyo

26.5.2016 at 09:03
Japanese designer Arashi Yanagawa was one of the seven designers presenting their collections in the Match Made in HEL - The Runway fashion show. Yanagawa's favourite places in Tokyo provide nourishment for both body and mind.

Visit at least these places if you are travelling to Tokyo:

Restaurant Higurashi

– I often go to a restaurant in Nakameguro called Higurashi. A friend of mine owns it. When I come back from a business trip abroad, I always want to eat Japanese food. It’s one of the first places I visit.

Bookstore Tsutaya

– I mostly go to the Tsutaya bookstore near my office. I often need to buy reference materials, and that’s where I usually look for them. They have an excellent book selection. Most Western magazines are hard to find in Japan, but in Tsutaya I can buy the ones I like.

Shinjuku Gyoen Garden

– I sometimes go to the Shinjuku Gyoen Garden. It’s in the middle of the city, but just taking a walk there can refresh you. I haven’t visited the garden lately, but I used to go a lot during holidays.

Watch the whole Match Made in HEL - The Runway Fashion Show here.

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