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Monarch starts direct connections from London and Manchester next winter

Press release
Article published
10.3.2016 at 13:08
Monarch Airlines airplane on a flight.
Lapland has a distinct appeal. UK-based Monarch will introduce direct connections to Lapland next winter: to Kittilä from Manchester and London.

“We are happy to see that the enchanting Lapland has attracted major new connections next winter. Monarch will further improve the reach of Lapland. We warmly welcome Monarch to the snowy landscape of Lapland next winter”, says Joni Sundelin, SVP at Finavia.

“We are so excited about our new Lapland programme for 2016/17. All of the holidays will ensure a truly memorable, once in a lifetime trip. From visiting Santa, to husky rides, snowmobile and reindeer safaris, the Northern Lights and a visit to the unique Snow Village, there is something for everyone if they choose to visit Lapland in 2016/17”, said Gemma Day, Monarch head of product.

Monarch flights between London and Kittilä will be available from December to February, with Manchester–Kittilä flights available during December. Both connections will be available twice a week. Tickets are available for sale as of 10 March.

Previously, Germania announced new connections: from Berlin to Rovaniemi and from Düsseldorf to Kittilä. The German-based Lufthansa introduced flights to Kittilä this winter.

Finavia focuses on Lapland

Finavia has invested heavily in tourism in Lapland in recent years. Finavia has invested a total of EUR 35 million in Lapland's airports in 2014–2016. In addition, Finavia has substantially increased its Lapland marketing efforts with other operators.

The competitive pricing policy of Finavia airports, with appealing tourism products, makes Lapland an appealing destination for airlines. Compared to an average airport on the Alps, the costs of airport services to airlines are over 50% lower.