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National Police: Air passenger data system to be introduced this year

11.11.2016 at 09:25
The passenger data system, to be introduced in Finland this year, will provide a new tool for the prevention of terrorism and serious crime.

Passenger information collected by airlines is compiled in the passenger data system and will enable the targeting of supervision at individuals suspected of having links to terrorism or other serious crime.

The collection of passenger information is based on the European Union’s PNR Directive that entered into force in May. Pursuant to the Directive, Finland has implemented the passenger data system and established a special unit in the National Bureau of Investigation for the processing of Advanced Passenger Information.

 The submission of passenger data applies to all cross-border air traffic.

The passenger data system includes information collected by air carriers, such as flight reservation and check-in details. Advance passenger information, including the passenger’s name and nationality alongside information about the flight and itinerary, will also be compiled in the system.

The Passenger Information Unit operates in conjunction with the National Bureau of Investigation
 Competent authorities include the police, Customs and the Border Guard.

The Data Protection Officer appointed for the processing of passenger data is responsible for the provision of advice and supervision related to the matter, and serves as the contact person in all matters related to PNR data.

More information is available on the National Police Board’s website. In addition to that brochures are available at the information desks of Finavia's airports.