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Need a last-minute groom? M Room is here for you

30.12.2016 at 07:00
In May 2016, M Room – the world’s largest barbershop establishment dedicated to men – opened its doors at Helsinki Airport, and simultaneously became the first of its kind at the airport.%MCEPASTEBIN%

The barbershop offers haircuts and beard grooming on an annual membership concept, which grants
members unlimited treatments at all M Room establishments without the need for a reservation. M Room has established itself across the country and internationally, with shops from Miami to the Canary Islands. Opening a branch at Helsinki Airport (Terminal 2, Arrivals hall 2A) made perfect sense for both the franchise and the airport.

“From a consumer perspective, the more amenities there are at the airport, the better. Were I to pass through the airport on my way home or to work, I could easily imagine meeting a friend there for a cup of coffee. Today’s airports are now like small towns,” says M Room franchisee Anna Noramaa.

“Though many of our customers are well groomed men, who are also frequent fliers, passengers only make up a portion of our customer base at the airport,” Noramaa continues.

People working at Helsinki Airport account for much of the barbershop’s daily customers. This includes
employees of customs, border control, Finavia and Finnair.

The recently developed Ring Rail Line – which connects Helsinki city center and several suburbs with the airport – has made Helsinki Airport easily accessible for people living in its vicinity. Noramaa has noticed that locals have also begun using M Room as their go-to salon.

“We have a lot of clients who travel from Vantaa,” she says.
M Room was founded in 2008 and now boasts 65 stores internationally. The barbershop conglomerate is also a popular choice among expats and foreigners living in Finland.

“It is not unusual to see international customers at our location,” Noramaa reveals.

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