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Space-specific guidance system for easier parking in P5

2.2.2016 at 07:00
The P5 parking garage at Helsinki Airport is being extended. In addition to new parking spaces, a space-specific guidance system will be installed in the garage so that it will be faster and easier to find a parking space.

Space-specific guidance is already available in the P1 and P2 parking garages of Helsinki Airport. Parking will be faster and easier as the green or red light on the parking space will show to the driver which spaces are available and which are taken.

The installation of the system in P5 commenced in January 2016. During the installation, one storey of the parking garage will be closed at a time.

3,000 new parking spaces in summer 2016

Massive expansion work is in progress in the P5 parking garage of the airport. The work involves the construction of two additional storeys and a new extension that consists of eight storeys.

Already 50% of the extension has been completed. The extension will be completed in full in summer 2016. As a result of the extension, the airport will get almost 3,000 new parking spaces.

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