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Top summer destinations: this is where people travelled from Finland

Press release
10.8.2016 at 07:40
According to Finavia’s passenger statistics, Stockholm was once again the most popular destination for scheduled flights in the period from May to July. Antalya in Turkey was number one for chartered flights during the same period, despite the drastic year-on-year fall in the number of passengers flying to Antalya.

– The passenger volume in air traffic has grown at a steady pace this year, which is also reflected in the number of passengers during the summer holiday season. European capitals attract business and holiday travellers alike every summer. Scheduled flights are gaining in popularity among holiday travellers, while the number of charter passengers has decreased, says Mikko Saariaho, Communications Director at Finavia.

The number of passengers flying to the top destination, Stockholm, increased by seven per cent from last summer. The total number of passengers on scheduled flights between Finavia airports and Stockholm was 376,179 in May–July. As in the previous year, the closest runners-up were London (-1%) and Copenhagen (+3%).

One of the destinations that increased its popularity the most (+29%) was Prague, which has won Finnish hearts with its low prices and enduring beauty. Berlin (+11%) and Amsterdam (+9%) were still popular among trend-conscious travellers, and Munich with its many attractions – including Oktoberfest – increased its popularity by over ten per cent. Tokyo was the most popular non-European destination. The total number of passengers on scheduled flights between Tokyo and Helsinki was 71,311 (-2%) in May–July.

The amount of Finnish passengers on scheduled flights at Helsinki Airport is under 50 percent. The biggest foreign nationalities are Swedes, Germans, Brits, and Chinese.

The largest scheduled flight destinations in May–July 2016 by passenger volume*

  1. Stockholm 376,179 passengers (year-on-year change +7%)
  2. London 244,122 passengers (-1%)
  3. Copenhagen 230,884 passengers (+3%)
  4. Amsterdam 149,861 passengers (+9%)
  5. Munich 138,771 passengers (+12%)
  6. Frankfurt 134,893 passengers (-10%)
  7. Berlin 131,282 passengers (+11%)
  8. Paris 131,154 passengers (-4%)
  9. Oslo 103,809 passengers (+3%)
  10. Barcelona 91,638 passengers (+2%)

Greece is the holiday favourite

Antalya in Turkey retained its position as the number one chartered flight destination, although its popularity decreased drastically from summer 2015.

– The unstable political situation was clearly reflected in the passenger statistics for the summer. In particular, Antalya in Turkey had fewer chartered passengers this year, Saariaho says.

The total number of passengers flying between Antalya and Finland in the May–July period decreased from 61,669 to 35,967, which is quite a hefty decrease of 42 per cent.

Destinations in sunny Greece, on the other hand, have become more popular; Rhodes, Chania and Cos were the most popular chartered flight destinations after Antalya. The number of passengers to Rhodes increased by 22 per cent, to Chania by 11 per cent and to Cos by an impressive 81 per cent.

A new holiday favourite among passengers is Split, the largest city in Croatia. The number of passengers choosing this trendy destination grew by nearly three hundred per cent. Palma, the capital of Majorca, attracted more visitors this year. The culture and beaches of Majorca drew 9,000 travellers, which is a 19-per cent increase from the previous summer.

The most popular chartered flight destinations in May–July 2016*

  1. Antalya 35,967 passengers (year-on-year change -42%)
  2. Rhodes 33,476 passengers (+22%)
  3. Chania 20,042 passengers (+11%)
  4. Cos 10,513 passengers (+81%)
  5. Larnaca 10,441 passengers (+4%)
  6. Palma de Majorca 9,037 passengers (+19%)
  7. Split 7,985 passengers (+291%)
  8. Dalaman 7,666 passengers (-1%)
  9. Burgas 6,957 passengers (-5%)
  10. Preveza 4,787 passengers (-63%)

Air traffic passenger volume on the rise

* all Finavia airports, including inbound and outbound flights

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