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Travel to China’s Guangzhou during the Year of the Monkey

8.2.2016 at 07:00
From the beginning of May, it will be possible to fly directly from Helsinki to China’s third largest city Guangzhou, also known as Canton.

Guangzhou, a seaport city of thirteen million people located in the heart of southern China, is one of China’s most important trade and industrial centres.

Despite its history, Guangzhou is best known for its abundant shopping possibilities and culinary sensations. Internationally the most widely spread branch of Chinese cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, originates from Guangzhou.

The park of the seven hills

The riverfront of Guangzhou, the breathtaking parks and ancient temples guide travellers through centuries. The best known attractions in Yuexiu Park, which sprawls across seven hills, are the Five Rams sculpture and the remains of a wall from the Ming Dynasty.

Shamian Island, located right in front of the city, is known for its well preserved mansions and churches from the colonial era.

You can escape the hustle and bustle of the city to White Cloud Mountain. You can reach it either by bus and on foot, or by bus and cable car. An evening cruise on the Pear River is also a pleasant option that gives you a chance to marvel at the city basking in a sea of lights.

Anything that anyone ever thought to manufacture in China can be found in Guangzhou. You can make real finds at the city’s numerous market squares. That said, the Qingping food market can only be recommended for those with strong nerves. In addition to Chinese medicinal herbs, you can find all kinds of food items from dried seafood to much more questionable dishes at the market.

Popular shopping and pedestrian streets include Beijing Road and Shangxiajiu,a street known for its architecture and food stands.

Cantonese delicacies

Guangzhou has more restaurants per capita than any other city in China. It is definitely the place to focus on culinary sensations. Popular dishes among travellers are, for example, sweet and sour pork, wonton dumpling soup and dim sum dishes.

It is easy to get around in the centre of the city of millions of inhabitants by metro. To go further, you can easily catch a bus or at least a taxi. If you have time, you can also take a train or a ferry to Hong Kong or catch a plane or a train to the Chinese Hawaii, Hainan Island.

Finnair flies directly from Helsinki to Guangzhou four times a week between 6 May and 29 October, 2016. The flight duration is approximately 10 hours.

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Celebrate the beginning Year of the Monkey

This year, the Chinese new year begins on 7 February. One way the Chinese new year can be seen at the Helsinki airport is greetings in Chinese for the Chinese travellers on the screens around the airport until 15 February. At the same time, we also wish travellers a lucky Year of the Monkey.

The airport boutiques have a variety of offers and gift ideas for celebrating the new year, and the Helsinki Duty Free-shops also provide a gift wrapping service.

Best wishes for the Year of the Monkey!