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Treat your father to a cut and shave

10.11.2016 at 11:44
Men’s haircut and shaving trends change slowly. The modern man wants, however, to take care of himself and makes regular visits to the barber.

Current men’s fashion trend is to keep the sides short and the top a little longer.

“Men usually have one, very slowly changing style,” says M Room proprietor Anne Noramaa.

They are, however, very aware of hairstyle trends and spend a fair amount of time googling specific styles, even with more enthusiasm than women. It is the barber’s job to consult the men and find out what they want.

“Our customers are mainly men that take care of themselves and visit the barber’s regularly,” says Noramaa.

Beards continue to be a trend, an indicator of which is that the demand for M Room’s shaving services has gone up by over 100 percent compared to previous year. When a customer arrives at an M Room, they will always be asked if they want a shave or styling for their beard, as the beard and face are one and the same.

Men have a lot of beard styling and defining done. American shaves are also very popular and is pampering for many men. The service includes, in addition to the shave, a facial massage and hot towels that help relax and treat.

Men buy for a need

Shampoo and conditioner have their place in every bathroom, and most men also use a wax of some kind to style their hair.

“Our salt spray is also very popular, because it allows some styling and light support,” says Noramaa.

Beards can also be treated with beard oil, which softens the beard and the underlying skin. Beard wax can be used for styling and smoothing. M Room customers also buy a wide variety of skincare products.

“Men respect the fact that a professional can recommend products to them and knows what they need. Men buy for a need, they don’t run after the cheapest price,” says Noramaa.

Father's day treat

“A good father’s day present could be an American shave combined with a luxurious Premium Cut,” says Noramaa.

Another good hint for a father’s day gift is an M Room membership, which allows them unlimited visits to the barber’s during one year. Membership prices vary based on the service package from EUR 350 to 690.

M Room is a men’s walk-in, no reservation barber shop. Its services include haircuts, dyes and various shaves and beard styling options. M Room is located in the airport’s arrival hall 2A.

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