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What are the most popular pharmacy purchases at Helsinki Airport?

31.8.2016 at 06:00
From painkillers to ear plugs, the biggest sellers address the most universal needs of passengers on the move.

Passengers at Helsinki Airport have come to rely on the international hub’s pharmacy services (Terminal 2, arrivals hall 2A; Service point, Gate 27) for essential things they’ve only realized they’ve forgotten or for remedies to address illnesses right before travelling or while on the move.

The biggest sellers address the most universal needs. For those anxious about diet changes, for example, probiotics to prevent stomach problems are in demand. According to pharmacist Anu Kurppa, over-the-counter antidiarrheal medicines are one of their most sought-after items along with assorted painkillers. Those in need of travel-sized products will also easily find a variety at the airport pharmacy.

As overseas trips often involve lots of walking, it’s not unusual for travelers to develop blisters or chafing at some point. Kurppa says that both normal bandages and specific hydrocolloid gel plasters for blisters are likewise high on customers’ lists.

On the other hand, Kurppa admits to being surprised at the popularity of some products such as Omega 3 oils and Finnish vitamins. All in all, these pharmacy purchases prove that an airport can also offer cures for whatever ails you.

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