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Would you like your suitcase to reach the destination before you? Answer and win!

16.6.2016 at 06:15
Does a remote bag drop service sound like a service which you would like to see offered by airports in the future? By answering a short questionnaire you can win a gift card.

In his thesis, written for Finavia, Tapio Rintala, a master’s student at Tampere University of Technology, studies the feasibility of a remote bag drop service for flight luggage at Helsinki Airport.

A customer using the service would be able to hand in his or her luggage in advance outside the airport – at home, for example. Customers using the service would not have to carry their luggage to the airport themselves. Passengers departing on an evening flight, for example, would be able to spend the day exploring the city without having to carry their bags around.

Remote bag drop services are still rare, but some airports are already offering this service.

A short questionnaire surveys the interest of passengers in three different remote bag drop service models for Helsinki metropolitan area.

Option 1: Handing in the luggage at the Helsinki Central railway station.

Option 2: Handing in the luggage at home (pick-up service in the metropolitan region).

Option 3a for departing passenger: Handing in the luggage at a hotel.

Option 3b for arriving passenger: Transportation of luggage from the airport to a hotel.

By answering the questionnaire you will help Finavia improve its services to better satisfy customers' expectations. If you answer by 30 June 2016 and leave your email address, you will have a chance to win a gift card worth EUR 200. Go to the questionnaire.

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