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Capi, the electronics retailer, returns to Helsinki Airport

19.5.2017 at 06:39
Travellers can once again buy the electronic items they need at Helsinki Airport. Capi, which used to have a store at the airport, has returned to the gate area.

Capi The Travellers Electronics Company has opened a store at Helsinki Airport, near gate 27. The store is in the departure gate area of the terminal, to which all airport passengers have access.

The product range of the new store focuses on the leading electronics brands and the latest innovations. Like other Capi stores, the product range is tailored for travellers.

Among the new store’s features is a handy Travellers’ Choice section for the most popular products. Fans of the very latest gadgetry, on the other hand, are likely to be especially interested in the store’s Gadget Table.

"The store’s hit product during its first week was a ball with a flashing light that flies with a propeller. It sold out in a couple of days," the store staff tell us.

When Capi’s previous store closed a few years ago, Helsinki Airport was without a specialised electronics store for some time.

"Electronics sales is a new and much-requested addition to the airport’s service offering. We are happy to warmly welcome Capi back to Helsinki Airport,” says Helsinki Airport’s commercial director and Vice President of Finavia Elena Stenholm.

Capi is a leading electronics retailer and B2B supplier in airports. The company has a total of 35 stores at 10 airports in Europe and South Africa, and has franchising operations in Ukraine and China.

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