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Decisions of Finavia’s general meeting

20.3.2017 at 09:49
The Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Finavia Corporation was held on 17 March 2017 in Helsinki.

The GM adopted the financial statements for 2016 and discharged the Board and the CEO from liability. Seven members were appointed to Finavia's Board of Directors.

Harri Sailas was elected to continue as the chairperson of Finavia’s Board of Directors. Stefan Wentjärvi, Nina Kiviranta, Erkka Valkila, Katja Keitaanniemi and Jarmo Kilpelä continue as Board members. Annaleena Kiikonen was elected for the Board as personnel representative.

The Ernst & Young Oy firm of auditors, with Mikko Rytilahti (APA, CPFA) as the principal auditor, was selected as the auditor of Finavia.

The GM of Finavia decided, in line with the Board’s supplemented proposal, to distribute a total of EUR 8,303,352.80 as dividends so that the dividends will be paid by assigning the entire capital stock of Finavia's subsidiary Air Navigation Services Finland Oy to the State of Finland.

In addition, the GM decided to confirm all decisions made by Finavia’s Board of Directors regarding the transfer of the air navigation business to Air Navigation Services Finland Oy.

Finavia has announced its financial results for 2016 here.