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Finland’s favourite customs dog Dani retired

7.4.2017 at 10:45
The customs dogs at Helsinki Airport have an important job.

Thanks to the professional sniffers, narcotics, explosives and thick rolls of bank notes are found in the busy traffic at the airport.

The nine-year-old sniffer dog Dani had a long career at the airport. The dog’s last day of duty was on 31 March 2017.

Dani was involved in many things during his career. Among other things, he starred in a TV show depicting work at the airport and participated in a TV series on Finnish Customs for five seasons.

The lively and happy Dani worked as a sniffer dog all his life. According to Dani’s owner, sniffer dog trainer Mika Niemenmaa, the dog’s speed did not decrease at all with age: he worked on his last day as enthusiastically as in his youth.

Dani, who has been called the most popular member of Customs personnel, will spend his retirement at home together with the family’s oldest member, the eleven-year-old Aatu. Dani has earned the title of a Hero Dog with his keen sense of smell and has well deserved his retirement.

In addition to pig ears and petting, Dani loves people. He intends to become a “buddy dog” and spend his time after retirement visiting elderly people at residential care homes.

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