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Five places for peace and quiet at Helsinki Airport

Article published
29.8.2017 at 06:00
Passenger working from a cafe while drinking coffee.
While immersing yourself the hustle and bustle of the airport is part of the fun of traveling, we don’t blame you if it sometimes gets a bit much.

If you are in need of a little peace and quiet, whether to concentrate on your work, take a nap or read the papers, here is a list of great locations to calm down your nerves at the Helsinki Airport:

1. The lounges

There are four lounges at the Helsinki Airport open to members or for an entrance fee.

The Finnair Lounges (Gates 22 and 50A-M) provide a relaxing space adorned with classic Finnish design pieces. You can find more Northern elegance in the SAS Lounge (Gate 13).

The Aspire Lounge (Gate 27, upstairs) comes with birdsong that is sure to transport you back to nature.

In the Almost@Home Lounge, you can kick back as if you were in your living room already (Gate 32), whereas the Kainuu Lounge is a 24/7, forest-inspired free space available to all passengers (Gate 31).

2. Kainuu Lounge

Kainuu Lounge is open around the clock and open to all passengers. The lounge has been decorated in the spirit of the Finnish forest. In the Kainuu Lounge you can also find the Book Swap point (Gate 31).

3. Suvanto

There are three quiet working stations at the airport. The Suvanto spaces come in handy when you need to make a private call or write work emails without someone looking over your shoulder (Gates 16-17, 18-19 and 52).

4. Area near Gate 11

Though not a separate enclosure, this space also features comfy chairs is great if you need a little more peace and quiet.

5. Fly Inn restaurant

Fly Inn Restaurant & Deli has a inside terrace that is not easy to spot right away. The terrace provides a good view over the gate area and the runways. There you can read or focus on your emails.

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