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Five tips for winter trips

28.11.2017 at 07:00
From packing skiing equipment to knowing why fewer flights are delayed at certain airports, keep these tips in mind when flying for a vacation during the colder months.

Winter can be a tricky time to travel, but arming yourself with the right information can help make your trip as hassle-free as possible. From packing skiing and snowboarding equipment to knowing why fewer flights are delayed or cancelled at certain airports compared to others, here are five things to keep in mind.

1. Going on a ski holiday? Check in advance that there is room on board for your sports equipment

When taking a flight within Finland, make sure to check with your airline to find out if there’s room for your skis on board. At times, the cargo hold of small aircraft types do not have enough space for such items.

While you’re at it, remember not to pack ski wax removers, fluorinated ski wax, heaters or lock antifreeze as these are prohibited on board. Check your ski bags for these items.

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2. Stow your bulky coat before you board

For passengers heading to warm-weather destinations, the question of what to do with bulky winter coats almost always comes up. Fortunately, there’s a coat check service at Helsinki Airport for those who want to travel lighter. Airpro Travel Service 24h, located on the ground floor of Terminal 2, can store your outerwear while you’re away.

3. If you’re heading somewhere warm and sunny, it’s easy to stock up on last-minute essentials

So sometimes this happens: You’re all set to enjoy the sun, sea and sand, but then there’s something you forgot to pack. Luckily, it’s possible to stock up on beach items such as sunglasses or reading material at Helsinki Airport.

4. Consider reserving a parking spot in advance

Pre-booking your parking at Helsinki Airport saves time, makes your journey smoother and secures a spot in the parking hall of your choice. It’s one less thing you have to worry about.

5. Snow? Not a problem at all

Going on a winter holiday is about leaving and arriving safe and sound, no matter what manner of ice, snow or sleet you may encounter along the way. Thanks to great SnowHow, fewer flights are delayed or cancelled at Helsinki Airport.

It’s not the amount of snow itself that airport maintenance struggles with, but temperature. When the weather is close to freezing but there isn’t much snow, the runway is in danger of freezing over. Early winter, from November to the beginning of December, tend to be the most challenging time in this respect. Winter maintenance is better timed at Helsinki Airport because of more accurate weather sensors and forecasts.

This SnowHow has even led Condé Nast Traveller magazine to once say that Helsinki Airport is one of the European hubs that do well in bad weather, and is particularly pleasant and easy to connect in.

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