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Going on a scuba-diving trip? Learn how to correctly pack your gear for your flight

23.10.2017 at 12:20
When flying with your scuba gear, be sure to check the packing instructions ahead of time.

We interviewed Joni Pekkanen, head of security control at Finavia, who has cooperated with divers to draw up practical instructions based on international regulations of transport and safety.

In this article, Joni explains the basic rules of transporting scuba and snorkelling gear on an airplane.

"The transport guidelines of airlines and the security control instructions at airports are based on the international air transport regulations on hazardous substances and the EU safety regulation. They impose the minimum restrictions for items and substances transported in airplanes. Airlines may have their own, stricter limitations and company-specific transport instructions," Pekkanen explains.

Joni emphasises that it is always a good idea to check the transport restrictions on the airline's website before heading to the airport.

Scuba tanks

Scuba tanks are transported in the cargo hold. They must be unpressurised and, therefore, cannot have valves or gauges attached to them. The opening of the tank can be covered by tape or a plastic stopper.

Dive lights

Permission for transporting a dive light must always be obtained from the airline in advance. Dive lights can be transported either as hand baggage or in the cargo hold.

If you are packing heavy-duty dive lights to go in the cargo hold, please detach the battery or the bulb from the light and protect the terminals of the battery in case it short-circuits. Always carry the battery in your hand baggage.

For more information on transporting batteries and power banks, see the luggage info site.

Harpoons, knives and other tools

Any tools and edged weapons must be transported in the cargo hold.

Cameras and computers

Transport any valuable items such as compasses, consoles, pressure gauges, smartwatches and cameras in your hand baggage.

Remember to pack the power banks of the devices in your hand baggage. Such items must not be transported in the cargo hold.

Masks, snorkels, swimfins and diving suits

This diving equipment can be transported either in the cargo hold or in your hand baggage.

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