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How do Helsinki Airport employees get to work?

9.1.2017 at 07:00
350 flights depart Helsinki Airport each day, and for that to happen as smoothly as possible, a significant amount of airport staff is required at all times. We spoke to Helsinki Airport employees to find out how they travel to and from work.

Not everyone who travels to an airport boards a plane. Not everyone arriving by taxi is embarking on a
holiday. Helsinki Airport hosts 1,500 companies or organizations, which means a whopping 20,000
employees work in and around the airport area. We spoke to a handful of them to find out how they travel to and from work every day.

“I come to work every morning by bus and train. The bus doesn’t get me straight to the airport, so I
need to take the train as well.”
Milla Koppela, Gate Coordinator at Airpro

“I get a taxi to work which is provided by my employer.”
Karoliina Pänttäjä, Money Changer at Change Group

“Most days I bike to work, but in the winter, I take the train. It’s roughly an 18 km trip out to work
from where I live.”
Tero Sivonen, Tourist Information, Terminal 2, Arrivals Hall 2A

“In the summertime, I come to work by bicycle and in the winter, I use the train. I park my bike
under the ramp 200 meters from where I work. It’s very easy.”
Anu Kurppa, Pharmacist

“I travel to work by car or by public transportation. Parking at the airport is easy, though you do
notice when it’s holiday season.”
Pia Haili, Security Instructor at Finavia

“I come to work by car, which I leave in the staff parking lot. It’s roughly a five-minute walk from
Emilia Henriksson, Shift Manager at Ulappa, Terminal 2, Departures Floor

Quick guide to parking at Helsinki Airport

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