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Improving the conditions of fish streams together – Finavia supports stream maintenance in Vantaa

31.5.2017 at 05:20
Finavia invests in the remediation of streams in Vantaa by supporting the city's stream maintenance activities. Stream caretakers will continue the remediation of streams, started last year, in different parts of Vantaa.

The impact of airport operations on surface water and groundwater is monitored regularly. In recent years, Finavia has made significant investments to reduce the load of water discharged from the airport. Finavia has invested heavily in designated de-icing areas, the collection of apron water and its discharge to the wastewater treatment plant.

As a result of these activities, more than 80 per cent of the glycol-containing water used in aircraft de-icing can be recovered. When monitoring the quality of water in streams, it has been discovered that the actions taken to reduce the load caused by urban runoff have produced good results.

“We also want to take part in downstream remediation in order to improve the spawning conditions of fish in streams. Vantaa has already had positive experiences in the remediation of Kylmäoja. This has improved the conditions of fish, and the trout has returned to spawn in the stream. By supporting Vantaa's stream maintenance activities, we can strengthen the vitality of streams in the airport city and increase enjoyable living conditions in Vantaa,” says Mikko Viinikainen, vice president of sustainability and the environment at Finavia.

“Over the past two years, Vantaa has paid special attention to streams through our theme years focused on streams and rivers. The stream development principles prepared in April consist of some 60 measures to continue the excellent work we have done to improve our streams during the theme years. It is wonderful that Finavia supports Vantaa's objective to increase the awareness, appreciation, vitality and diversity of streams and rivers in the city,” says Hanna Keskinen, park planning manager in the City of Vantaa.

Stream caretakers started their work at the end of May. They will improve the conditions of streams in different parts of Vantaa. Their tasks include the remediation of streams, the removal of any obstacles that prevent water from flowing, the organisation of remediation campaigns, and the removal of waste and Impatiens glandulifera, a detrimental plant species. The caretakers are also planning to hold a stream remediation campaign together with airport personnel in June.