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More flights from Amsterdam to Santa's official home airport

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10.6.2017 at 09:12
Voigt Travel started summer flights from Amsterdam to Rovaniemi on 3rd June. Travellers from the Netherlands will arrive at Rovaniemi Airport twice a week to the end of July.

The launch is excellent stimulation for tourism in Lapland. Previously Lapland has had new routes opened for the winter season, but the summer of Lapland will be introduced to tourists from Netherlands.

“After a magnificent winter season at Lapland Airports, this launch is a fantastic step for increasing the travelling also in summer season. We will give a warm welcome to the travelers arriving from Holland to enjoy the Finnish summer”, says Director Joni Sundelin, SVP at Finavia.

The flights will operated as so called triangle flights: Amsterdam-Rovaniemi-Tromsø-Amsterdam. Some of the travellers will continue their journey from Rovaniemi to Norway. Flights will be operated by Transavia.

"Our main goal is to turn Lapland and the northernmost part of Scandinavia into a year-round holiday destination”, says Cees van den Bosch, managing director of Voigt Travel.

Dozens of flights to Lapland

Voigt Travel and their flights are a common sight at the Finavia airports in Lapland. The company has flown to Finland for 13 years and they have also experimented with summer travel before. During the last winter season Voigt Travel operated 60 of charter flights to the airports in Lapland.

“We know that the Dutch traveller is always looking for unique, safe and unspoilt holiday destinations. Thanks to our direct flights the image of winter in Lapland has undergone an incredibly positive change, but the Midnight sun still sounds incredibly far away for them. By creating the right infrastructure we can lower the threshold and get the summer connected again."

Voigt Travel is focused mainly on Nordic destinations. The company is the biggest tour operator for trips from Netherlands to Finland.

”From the very beginning of the negotiations, Voigt has shown big interest to develop the area in low season. Within the Visit Arctic Europe project we are very happy about Voigt’s new charter series which brings valuable increase in the amount of travelers for summer 2017”, says project manager Tero Rahikainen for Finnish Lapland Tourist Board.

“We want to say thank you to the people at Visit Arctic Europe project who have invested significantly in this launch”, says Finavia’s Joni Sundelin.

Rovaniemi is the official hometown of Santa Claus and Rovaniemi Airport is Santa's official home airport.

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