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Planes of Helsinki Airport: five facts about the famous Airbus 350

Article published
20.2.2017 at 07:00
The arrival of Finnair’s A350 XWB fleet at Helsinki Airport was a real event in 2015. Read facts about the famous aircraft model.

1. The Airbus 350-XWB is a long-range, twin-engine wide-body jet airliner produced by French Airbus as a response to Boeing’s 787 and 777 models.

2. The name’s XWB stands for "extra wide body:” in economy class, the A350 can fit nine seats in one row. Altogether the aircraft can carry 300 passengers at a time. It also often carries air cargo.

3. The model can fly 7 500 nautical miles with one fueling, which is more than the distance to Helsinki to New York and back.

4. The Airbus 350 has a recognizable design with steeply curved winglets and cockpit windows, which give it a raccoon-like look.

5. The Airbus 350 XWB planes started flying regularly from Helsinki in 2015, when Finnair acquired its first four planes of this type. Altogether Finnair plans to have a fleet of 19 A350s by 2023.

6. The A350 XWB is a technologically advanced passenger plane, with 70% of its body produced from new, light materials, such as composites and titanium. Because of its light weight it uses 25% less fuel compared to previous models with an aluminium body.

7. An average A350 plane weighs 308 tons, which is the equivalent of 230 average-sized cars. The plane’s length is 240 feet, which is nearly the length of an American football field.

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