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The runway renovation project at Oulu Airport proceeds according to schedule – flights will operated normally from Oulu Airport until Midsummer

7.6.2017 at 07:55
The traffic areas at Oulu Airport are currently being renovated, and the work proceeds according to schedule and plans. The renovation is now in a phase where flights can still be continued normally.

In May, the renovation affected the schedules of the earliest and latest flights. From the beginning of June until Midsummer 25 June, flights will continue normally without any special arrangements.

The next phase in the renovation will begin on 26 June, and the airport will be closed until 31 July.

Flights will be relocated to Kemi-Tornio Airport between 26 June and 31 July. There is free bus transportation for relocated flights. The bus leaves from Oulu Airport and then picks up passengers from the bus station. It returns via the same route.

Please register for transportation using the form available at Finavia's website, so that the bus company can choose a bus of the right size.

For flight schedules, please directly contact the airline responsible for the route. Any change in flight schedules will also change the bus transportation schedule Before setting out for the journey, remember to check the bus transportation schedule from our website.

The traffic areas of Oulu Airport are renovated in three phases during May-August. In August, the renovation work will affect the schedule of the day's first and last flight, which will be operated from Kemi-Tornio Airport.