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Save your power bank from becoming hazardous waste – pack in your hand baggage!

10.5.2017 at 09:53
When traveling by airplane, power banks belong in hand baggage. Each month, approximately 2,000 confiscated power banks are disposed of at Finavia’s airports.

Power banks are used to charge phones, laptops and other mobile devices. Carrying power banks is very common these days, but many people still pack them incorrectly.

When traveling by airplane, power banks should always be taken into the cabin with your hand baggage. Power banks are a fire hazard and, as such, transporting them in the cargo hold is prohibited.

Any incorrectly packed power banks will be removed from baggage intended for the cargo hold, which might cause the baggage to be delayed from the flight. Confiscated items will be held at the airport for only a few weeks.

Each month, airports around Finland dispose of around 2,000 power banks due to incorrect packing. Disposal of electronics is not only inconvenient for the passenger, but it also results in expenses for the airport and is detrimental for the environment. Confiscated items will eventually end up as hazardous waste.

A total of 400,000 items are confiscated from passengers on a yearly basis at the Helsinki Airport. Finavia is planning to forward items confiscated during security control to charities and recycling centres.

Finavia is also running a social media campaign for promoting correct packing. Share your correctly packed baggage and set an example with the hashtag #PackMeRight!

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