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Bus stops relocate in front of Terminal 1 on 21 May 2018

18.5.2018 at 14:30
Bussipysäkkimuutoksia T1:n edustalla 21.5.2018
Bus stops at Terminal 1 in Helsinki Airport will relocate on Monday 21 at May 4 a.m.

There will be changes to the traffic arrangements in front of the terminal 1 and the bus stops will be relocated.  The changes affects routes 415/N, 561, 562N, 615, 617 and 668 as well as long-distance coaches.

  • Bay 12 (V5313) will be relocated some 100 meters southward.
  • The new location of the exit stop, bay 14 (V5329) will be between Lentotie and Parkkitie.
  • In addition, bays 11 and 13 will be relocated.
Bussipysäkkimuutoksia T1:n edustalla 21.5.2018

There are construction works in the area and the stop locations may change during the course of the works.

Pictures: HSL